As a midwife, there is no one else I trust when it comes to the safety, quickness and professionalism with Placenta Encapsulation that Courtney Ellis. She is so skilled at what she does and my clients reap the benefits of this ancient medicine. - Lindsey Meehleis LM, CPM

I've used Courtney twice now to encapsulate my placenta.  She's so great to work with!  She came to me within hours of notifying her and delivered the capsules with instructions to my house.  She's so responsive and helpful and just a sweet person.  In those days after delivering my babies, it was always a comfort to have her stop by.  And as a mom of 3 kids under 5, I can't say enough about the placenta capsules.  They're like magic.  Energy and mental stability in pill form - truly amazing! - Jessica J.

I recently had my second baby and decided to have my placenta encapsulated. It was the best decision I could have made. This experience has been very different from my first child. The healing process has been quicker and easier, my milk supply is greater, I have a good amount of energy and am feeling better all around. Courtney made the whole process extremely easy, which is terribly important during this exciting/stressful time. She picked up my placenta and had the capsules delivered to my house the next day! So fast! The price is very reasonable and worth every penny. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Courtney! I am very grateful! - Tricia K.

My midwife Courtney encapsulated my placenta and I had it back within two days! I am so glad I had my placenta encapsulated because it really has made a huge difference! Using OCPE was affordable and quick and Courtney is also an amazing midwife for anyone looking to do a home birth! - Allison N.

Thank you Courtney for an awesome service! Truly appreciated how easy you made it for us! Courtney was readily available to pick up the placenta at the hospital (was able to come down within half an hour of my contacting her), and delivered the capsules to our home 48 hours later (and on the weekend). She is passionate about what she does, and it shows! I would absolutely recommend Courtney and OC Placenta Encapsulation. Thank you :)  - Sarah N.

I just had my third child and for the first time I got my placenta encapsulated!! I was so impressed with the care and quality Courtney provides... I truly believe it helped with my recovery. I really noticed a difference in my postpartum depression. I had energy and felt very level headed. Thank you Courtney for the great service. -  Tara J.

Courtney was amazing!!! She met us at the hospital and dropped off the pills at our house right after the birth. I would totally recommend you use OC Placenta Encapsulation. The pills give you energy and help your hormones adjust to the changes after birth. 5 stars all the way! - Juli M.

Courtney has encapsulated the placentas from both my girls and each time the experience has been great!  She's super sweet and very professional plus she delivered the caps to my doorstep!  I haven't yet had the chance to meet her in person but I'm so grateful for her and her service!  If you're considering encapsulation of your placenta, call Courtney! - Kylie M.

I had my placenta encapsulated by Courtney and was so incredibly pleased with the results. First off, she had everything done in a timely manner and is so sweet and friendly. Seriously though, comparing to my first birth in which I didn't encapsulate, the differences were night and day. During my postpartum period with the capsules, I had so much energy, never felt down or blue, made tons of milk, and slept well when baby slept. I am pregnant again and have no doubt in my mind that I will be using Courtney, I would never go through another postpartum without them. Courtney is a complete professional and I always know that I am getting a clean and quality product. I highly recommend Courtney! - Natalie M.

Very pleased with my placenta encapsulation by Courtney! Even though my baby came 3 weeks early she still met us at the hospital the very same day no questions asked! Once I had the pills I noticed the difference immediately! Highly recommend Courtney! - Marissa B.

I used placenta encapsulation for both my births and I never felt any "baby blues".  In fact, if I did feel any sort of emotional roller coasters coming on, I could take 1-2 pills and ward it off.  Courtney is wonderful to work with.  The whole process is very easy.  I 100% recommend placenta encapsulation with Courtney Ellis. - Tiffaney G.

Courtney encapsulated my placenta with both pregnancies. She made the process (which the first time around was a little crazy sounding but I was up for anything that would help my recovery after the birth!) easy and quick. She is kind and professional and really care about the mamas she works with. - Heather H.