How much does it cost? Cost depends on location of delivery. Please text or email to inquire. Price ranges from $250-$300.

How many capsules do I get?  The amount of capsules depends on the size of the placenta. It ranges anywhere from 70-150. Average is about 100. 

How to I get my placenta from the hospital?  Just let your nurses know that you would like to keep your placenta and they will have you sign a release form. Be sure to let me know what hospital you will be giving birth at and I will let you know their specific policies and procedures and we can coordinate pickup. 

What if I am being induced or having a c-section, can I still encapsulate? Absolutely! Just let your nurses know.

What if I give birth at home or at a birth center?  No problem! Just let your midwife know and they will package it up for you. Just store it in your  refrigerator and let me know so we can coordinate pick up.

What if I test positive for GBS?  This isn't a problem as long as the person preparing the placenta is properly trained and the placenta is prepared using the TCM method and cooked at the proper temperature to kill the bacteria. I recommend this method over the raw method and this is the way I prepare all placentas unless otherwise requested.  

What are you qualifications?  Placenta Encapsulation should be done by someone with the proper technique education. I am a Licensed Midwife and have been encapsulating placentas in Orange County since 2009. I am trained in Universal Precautions, and trained in handling blood borne pathogens, sterilization and infection prevention. I have also taken food safety courses by California Food Handlers. 

Will my placenta get mixed up with another?  There is zero chance of that happening. I only work on one at a time.

Where do you prepare the placenta? I have a preparation area in my home that is dedicated to preparing placentas. Everything is properly cleaned and sterilized. In-home preparation also available for an additional fee.

How is the placenta prepared? I am trained in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) process of placenta encapsulation.  The placenta is cleaned very well and then steamed.  Next, it is dehydrated  and  ground into a powder before being encapsulated. Raw preparation is also available if you would prefer (contraindicated for GBS positive mothers). 

Do you pick up the placenta? Yes! Part of my service includes pick up and delivery. Families appreciate the ease of this since things are a bit hectic just after having a baby. Let me know when the baby is born and we can coordinate pickup at that time.  There is an additional fee for traveling more than 30 minutes from Aliso Viejo. 

How soon do I get my capsules? Turn around time is only 1-2 days! I strive to be fast so you can start enjoying the benefits of your capsules as soon as possible.

Do you include dosage information?  Yes, a card with dosage and capsule care information is included with your capsules. 

What other services do you offer?  For an additional fee, I also make a tincture to allow you to make the benefits of your placenta last even longer.  The tincture takes 6 weeks to make and will be delivered after it is complete. I print can be included for free if you provide me with the material. I recommend using thick water color paper or canvas. 

Do you require a deposit?  No. Just give me a call or text when you have the baby and we can coordinate pickup. Make sure you tell your nurse you want to keep the placenta. If possible, let me know where you'll be giving birth so I can keep you informed of the hospitals procedures for releasing the placenta. 

What form of payment do you accept?  All form of payment are accepted upon delivery of capsules. Including cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or any major credit card (additional 3% fee).

What if my placenta goes to pathology?  If your doctor wants to send the placenta to pathology you can request that it not be treated with formaldehyde. It doesn't alway happen but you can try. If it is treated with formaldehyde it can not be encapsulated.